Raise Your Head
  • The original controversial article that signalled the beginning of my personal advocacy and the organization that became known as "Tyler Area Gays."
  • This is a short article about time, touching, gay marriage and evolution.
The Stream
  • A short meditation that compares life's journey to the path taken by water as it flows toward the ocean.
Slowing Down
  • This is an essay on the advantages of taking a slower pace through life.
The Meaning of "Family Values" 
  • An essay on what is really meant by the seemingly harmless phrase "family values."

My Own Private Memorial Day
  • Remembering a way of life. The story of how I came to be a human rights advocate.
The Courage of Love
  • A short essay about heroes and what happened to them (They're still here).
Gays and Religion: Soulforcing the Church
  • No matter what your religion is, this article explains how gays and churches can help each other.
The Impossible Dream
  • A short essay written as a response to the murder of pro-choice advocate George Tiller. (June, 2009)
A Bottle of Freedom
  • This short essay is my response to winning our election of Barack Obama on the same day we seemed to lose everything else. (Nov, 2008)
When the Dust Has Settled
  • This is a short piece for those among us who believe there's no need to ask for equality.
  • This is a brief essay on some of our most fundamental democratic principles, what they mean, and how we've got it all messed up.
The Damned Hook
  • This is an essay about the pre-Obama-Care broken and corrupt American healthcare system
When Will We Stop Being Republicans?
  • Some thoughts on rethinking our political affiliations.
KYTX Takes a Dim View of the Hate Crimes Act
  • I was interviewed on June 3rd, 2007 by Tyler CBS affiliate KYTX regarding the passing by the US House of the "Hate Crimes Act" for their Six O'Clock News. You can read all about what happened here.
Answering Bigotry in Galveston
  • Here's one of Troy's articles published in the Galveston newspaper in February, 2007, answering the religious right's attempts there to stop "gay influences" in schools.
God, the Universe and Everything
  • Perhaps God didn't make any mistakes, but boy oh boy we sure did.
  • An excerpt from my book about dealing with difficult circumstances.
Morning Ritual
  • My thoughts on using a quick morning ritual to start your day on the right foot.