Tyler Area Gays

Tyler Area Gays, also known as “Project TAG,” came together first in 2008, and was officially recognized by the Sate of Texas as a non-profit corporation in 2009.

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Project TAG, planted in the spirit of true community, embraces the concept of strength in numbers, believing we can accomplish more together than we could ever hope to achieve alone. Project TAG is fed and energized by selfless love and compassion, understanding that there are times when each of us may need a helping hand or a sympathetic ear. Project TAG is primarily a social organization where all may feel free to be themselves without fear of repression or repercussion and are encouraged to share support with others. Project TAG stands for inclusion and understanding as it stands against hate and violence, whether physical or emotional. As we celebrate our own immensely diverse community of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight allies, we seek to comfort and assist those affected by negative forces in our society and families.

Project TAG seeks to achieve these goals through the following services and ongoing projects:

  • A physical location where we are free to gather in support and in celebration of each other.
  • A library of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender resources.
  • An ongoing program of seminars and discussion groups encouraging understanding, acceptance, and wellness of all people.
  • Community-building events such as campouts, potluck dinners, parties, and dances.
  • AnExecutive Director accountable for the organization's growth and sustainability.


The mission of Project TAG is to promote community wellness and to celebrate our diversity through clubs, gatherings, education, outreach and support.

  • We believe in the inherent dignity of and have respect for all people.
  • We believe we must work together with mutual trust to build a community.
  • We believe community should provide comfort, through courtesy and hospitality.
  • We believe honest, unbiased communication is the basis for understanding.
  • We respect the diversity of the cultures forming the TAG community.
  • We believe we must work efficiently to conserve our resources.
  • We believe in educating family, staff and community.
  • We believe each individual’s opinions are valuable.
  • We believe each individual’s actions contribute to overall community wellbeing.